Flexing in the Freezer (Video)


Photo by: ac_in_ca

New video by Erwin Recinos featuring graffiti artist Hufer One. Footage of the video was taken at The Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles which include many other artist such as James Haunt, Self One, Vyal, Blah, Saute, The Love Crew and many others. You can get more info about the Container Yard via there instagram, @thecontaineryard.

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Talented Vandalz Vol. 1 (VIDEO)


“After working on a few different short artist spotlights our team decided to put together Talented Vandalz Volume 1, a longer length video documenting the process, techniques and stragedy of multiple graffiti artists. In this volume we Filmed Versuz Kog Lts, Buges Bamc, Klozer Lmk, Demos Nwk Kog, TDB crew, Scom rk, Eyos Crew, & an Interview with Los Angeles based photographer Utapout. Special thanks to All the artist in the video, Alison Casey, Fuer, Bolla, & Omae. Instagram: @TalentedVandalz    @Utapout    @AC_IN_CA

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