A Global Homo Riot.

The street artist known as Homo Riot is launching a “Global Homo Riot” initiative that will take place throughout the month of September.  This “Global Homo Riot” gives participants the materials and encouragement to post, paste, sticker and stencil their own cities with homo positive art and imagery. 
The purpose of this global event is to increase the visibility of homosexual imagery, to spur conversation and awareness about issues that effect homosexuals around the world, and to engender pride and hope in young gays – the youth around the world being the primary consumers and audience of Street Art –  who may otherwise feel alone and hopeless.
Homo Riot explains the impetus behind this global initiative,

“Over the last couple of years I have received countless emails from people all over the world who have expressed interest in putting up Homo Riot imagery in their own communities.  These are kindred spirits who have felt a calling to act in a non-violent but provocative and artistic way and declare ‘homo’ pride and power.  I know personally that this act of self-expression and defiance can be extremely empowering.  And the effects that the imagery and message have on the community that observes it can’t be overstated.  In some it may raise ire, but in others – the important ones – it is a siren call and an impactful realization that they are not alone in their city and community. “
Participants are currently registered in cities around the world including Paris, London, Athens, Berlin, Sydney and Barcelona.  In the U.S., there are participants in major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami but also in smaller towns and cities like New Haven, CT, Richmond, VA, Jacksonville, FL, San Jose, CA, Carmel, IN, Rossford, OH and others. 
In the U.S., this initiative centers around Constitution Day on September 17thHomo Riot expounds upon the relevance, “I am hoping that by coordinating this “Homo Riot” around the day commemorating the Constitution of the United States, we can raise awareness with our actions.  The Constitution guarantees that no State shall ‘…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property…’ and guarantees the freedom of speech, which is what we will be exercising.”
More information on the project and on how to become involved is available at www.homoriot.com or www.thesiteunscene.com