MDMN x Sopinsky: Ultra Scum


The time of Ultra has left its mark on this world – epic blasts of energy and color have crossed the galaxy… leaving walls destroyed, alternate realities emerged, and new titans of power created.

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Beneath the rubble of the old grey world embedded in the footprints of these Ultra beings, new life begins to stir. The bottom-feeding scum of the earth, begin to emerge from the cracks. They begin to adapt to feeding off the energy the Ultra have left behind. Surging with new powers and a consciousness, they have transformed – becoming a different form of Ultra… They are the Ultra Scum.

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Sopinsky Carousel Image

A vision of two worlds colliding, and out of the colorful chaos a more powerful future is born.


Opening Reception of Ultra Scum: a collaborative installation by MDMN x Sopinsky…

Saturday, July 14th at 8pm
527 N Fairfax Ave, LA, CA


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