Courage Has No Gender

MegZany has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her new “Courage Has No Gender” mural campaign. The new project is an offshoot of one of Zany’s most iconic stencils: Amelia Earhart paired with the words “Courage Has No Gender”.


“I want to inspire and motivate anyone who is having a rough time in their life or career because of their gender,” said Zany who added “I also want to pay homage to women (and men) who have shattered gender norms to make a difference.” The mantra “Courage Has No Gender” was used by Zany herself to delve into and push forward in the male-dominated world of street art.

Zany’s first pieces of street art appeared in early 2016 and she has since painted her brand of bold, in-your-face art in over a dozen cities around the world. “The goal is to paint these ten faces of courage in large-scale as individual murals on public wall spaces in ten different cities,” says Meg Zany. “These murals will serve as a reminder to the community that we all need to take action and display our courageous sides. To be prominent, we must be active.”


The Courage Has No Gender campaign features ten (10) people who have made a significant impact on society despite gender-related barriers. The new artwork depicts Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Becca Longo, Rain Dove, Danica Patrick, Laverne Cox, Taylor Swift, and Amelia Earhart. Two of featured people, Becca Longo and Rain Dove have already voiced their support for the project on Instagram. Becca Longo described her inclusion as “an honor” and Rain Dove thanked Meg Zany for “the beautiful art and statement.”


To learn more on this project and support, visit the kickstarter page here

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