2wenty “Thanks For The Memories”



2wenty is an American mixed-media artist and photographer native to Los Angeles. Initially known for his earlier works such as “Facebook Social Cigarettes”, 2wenty‘s oeuvre now encompasses the photographic style known as light painting. Through long exposures, the camera captures not only the subject, but also the source of light the artist moves across the “canvas.”

2wenty‘s background in lighting television and film gives him an intimate understanding of how light works. The sources of light he utilizes to achieve these effects are handmade, and it is this technique that makes him a vanguard of the medium.

His unique light source is utilized as a paintbrush, etching vivid strokes on raw landscapes of lonely roads and abandoned haunts. 2wenty‘s images glow with an alien beauty and form, yet his works with light emblazoned words express a very human reality with sincere and wistful emotions. Within these detailed images there is a depth and other worldliness that records both place and passage of time.

Show runs from May 17th to June 13th at Gallery Brown.




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