Some Other Art Show


One Night Pop-Up Art Gallery ! !

WHAT: Some Art Show pop-up art gallery for one night only! Collectors and art enthusiasts are invited to view and collect unique works by five stand-out street and new contemporary artists emerging within the Los Angeles area at this artist-organized show. Some Other Art Show will feature over 50 original works varying from photography, paintings, screen prints and mixed media stencil art on a variety of mediums.

WHERE: 1340 E. 6th St. #625, Los Angeles C.A. 90013 !

WHEN: Friday, April 25th from 7 p.m. – 12 p.m. !

WHO: • Bill Reasoning: A graphic artist from New Jersey who relocated to L.A. Working in screen printing, Bill’s art is constantly evolving and being influenced by his fellow artists, he incorporates all types of styles from typography, illustrations, vector based artwork and paint. All subjects for this show are hand drawn typography. • Cameron McCool: A lifestyle photographer living in L.A., Cameron’s work has been published by various publications. • Dearest Rat: L.A. based contemporary artists pulls his inspiration from the world around him. From street art to classic tattoos these influences make Dearest Rat’s art lively and colorful while his eye for detail and texture stimulates. When in doubt, put a rat on it. • Hero: A self taught L.A. based mixed media stencil and street artist. Having incorporated new elements and techniques into his art since 2007 Hero pulls inspiration from colors, fellow artists, fabrics, celebrities and social issues. • Neil Favila: A contemporary photographer whose work emanates from a sustained love of discovery, as much as picture making. His passion is evident whether he is taking commercial fashion photographs, editorial photography, or just hanging out with friends.

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