Estevan Oriol: L.A. Portraits book signing


Photographer Estevan Oriol cemented his reputation as the street photographer of our times with his first book, LA Woman. L.A. Portraits similarly catches readers by surprise by capturing Los Angeles’ most confrontational denizens and gritty neighborhoods, showcasing a hidden existence that most lensmen would steer clear of. Comprised of hundreds of photos documenting real L.A street life in a way rarely witnessed, L.A. Portraits deals with sensitive subjects in highly guarded environments–from criminal cartels to Hollywood’s A list. Oriol has earned the trust and respect of the streets at all levels.

20140326-140834.jpg 20140326-140922.jpg20140326-140955.jpg20140326-140932.jpg20140326-141012.jpg

“This collection of pictures was taken throughout the past 20 years. It started out with photos of my friends and people I was meeting in the lowriding scene. Later, some magazine work led to special assignments on the gang culture here in Los Angeles.”

About the author
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Estevan Oriol pulls inspiration from the city and reflects its sensibilities in his work. Southern California juxtaposes the glitzy and the gritty more than anyplace on Earth and those extremes are visible both in Oriol’s choice of subject and execution. Whether he’s photographing gang life, a fashion model, or Dr. Dre, there is a voice in his work that is distinctly LA bred.

Estevan Oriol: L.A. Portraits
Book Release & Signing Party
Friday, March 28, 2014  7 – 10 PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery (Soap Plant / Wacko)
4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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