The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti Book


Los Angeles is definitely a great place to find street art and graffiti. We recently received THE WORLD ATLAS OF STREET ART AND GRAFFITI book and got to experienced stories, sticker art, street art, and graffiti from all over the world. Hundreds of pages filled with high resolution photos and further information from the artists. A few of the artists the author writes about include Faile, Espo, Mark Jenkins, Gold Peg and Spy.


Page 19 – 1
Knocked On Your Door, 5027 Market Street, Philadelphia, USA, 2009.
Image by Adam Wallacavage.


Here is a snip-it of the Foreword by John Fekner

“The year was 1968. It was around eleven at night. New York City’s Gorman Park, known as “85th Street,” was locked and closed. This is where I played handball during the day but, more importantly, where I would prowl at night. The thought never crossed my mind as I climbed over the playground’s chain-link fence with a few co-conspirators, armed with brushes, rollers, and two gallons of white paint, that what I was about to do would one day be consider art…”

Image and photo by Aram Bartholl. Map. Taipei, Taiwan.



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