Runboy! by Cyrcle


“We left the original design alone and set out on a mission to find new inspiration. We wanted to translate the golden age story into a piece. Using the inspiration from Woodkid and the ideas of the organic textures meeting the clean stone and then even space matter. It all sounded cool until we actually began designing. Anyways what ended up happening is that we took the awesome emotion and concepts from your WOODKID world and created a story in our current aesthetic. It’s clean and strong!”


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun

The piece is inspired by the story behind Woodkid’s music, only now being told through our aesthetic. The Woman represents the Boys mother, she is longing for the child she once had in her arms and worried about his safety and wellbeing out in the world. The Warriors represent monsters and obstacles along the boys journey. Yoann’s music has spoken to us since we heard “Iron” a while back. He’s not just a musician or a directer or a designer he’s an artist all the way, love that shit about him! We connect deeply with the Boy in his films, forging our way through the world as artists navigating through the monsters of LosAngeles and the world! Try, Fail, TryUMPH. Ultimately we strive for happiness and success through our work. Faith, courage, honor, and power. Runboy RUN!



Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun


Photo by: Armen Harootun

The mural can be seen at 6655 santa monica blvd. los angeles 90038

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