Transitioning Trauma


“Transitional periods in major stories are often left out of the history books. Through his work, Gianni has masterfully created a rich portrayal of this chapter of his life. We are fortunate to take witness. We get to say, “I was there!” – Charlie Gold



“I created this room as a meditation. There is an honesty in sleeping this way that kick starts the subconscious. My initial intentions, being a person who can dream and remember them, was to just get my dreams back – in light of some recent losses. I wanted to see those I lost in my dreams. See them clearly, you know? As the installation and the work began – I found that this was about not just getting my dreams back, but rather – a chance to address trauma in my current life – as well the past that made me, and have an honest interaction…”


“…So to anyone fighting the good fight. Anyone who has lost a loved one. Anyone who has had their heart broken. For those who feel they are not good enough. For those who have been abused or bullied. For the broken and lonely. For anyone willing to give themselves a shot – this show is a reminder to me that we are not alone, we will get by, and the best dreams are to be lived. Feel” -Gianni Arone












Make sure to stop by and check out more of GIANNI ARONE‘s work at 50/50 Art Gallery.

5050 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042


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