Lucky 13


Join the folks over at Lucky 13 Scavenger hunt throughout January 2013 for the chance to win some amazing art from LA’s biggest names on the street art scene as well as prizes from up & coming artists. There will be 13 hunts sprinkled throughout the month- the first kicking it off on New Year’s Day- with grand prizes from the likes of Leba, Gregory Siff, Army of One and many more. Why stop there!? Second place winner prize packs will also get a chance for some goodies from Morley, Never Lego & Stay Up! LA Street Art Book. We’ve got tons more but you’ll have to wait for the full roster to be announced when the hunt gets in gear. This is your chance to score fresh art from some folks who don’t normally have scavenger hunts! Don’t let it slip by you, your favorites are probably on the list so stay on top of things over at our facebook page You can find us on Instagram and twitter too- @lucky13hunt

Here are some of the prizes that are up for grabs!

 20121226_1770   20121226_1808 20121226_1780 20121226_1790

Don’t miss out! Follow Lucky 13 to stay updated on locations and other great prizes!

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