Contest Winners!


#1 – Luis Zunigao


Prizes include: 16×20 canvas from Never Lego. ‘Art Bomb’ print from Insurgency Inc. Marilyn magnet from Mr Ramano. Over 100 stickers from your favorite artist.

#2 – Hunter Jones


Prizes include: 16×20 canvas from Never Lego. Poster from Phylo TSF. Buttons from Homo Riot, Cryptik, and more. Marilyn Magnet from Mr Ramano. Tons of stickers!

#3 -Becka


Prizes include: Marilyn wood panel and magnet from Mr Ramano. ‘Eat the Rich’ Canvas bag from War n Buff it. ‘Like a sieve’ poster from Eddie Colla. Tons of sticker.

* Thanks to everyone who participated! & to the artists who helped make this happen! Stay tuned for more opportunities to win sh*t in the future!

**Winners have until January , 2013 to claim their prize. Email us at**

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