Ego Leonard

Elusive Dutch painter, sculpture and guerilla artist, Ego Leonard arrives on the west coast for his first ever Los Angeles exhibition at the LAB ART Gallery, La Brea Avenue, on July 12th – August 5th. 

The notable artistʼs outsized Lego mini-figure, sporting the words, “No Real Than You Areʼacross its chest has often appeared washed ashore since the late 2000ʼs.

Ego Leonard has mystified the public with his surreal, towering, fiberglass figures, whilst also generating much speculation and debate on the artistʼs true identity. Over the last few years the now recognizable ʻLego Manʼ has traveled to many destinations both in Europe and the U.S. with its arrival usually indicating an exhibition at its chosen destination.

“We are very excited to have Ego Leonard in LAB ART. We have been fans of his for a long time. It is intriguing that he often incorporates a theatrical element to his artwork.” Rachel Joelson – LAB ART.

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