Q&A: Starting an art collection.


LAB ART, the largest art gallery in North America dedicated to Street Art, opens up a new era in the Los Angeles art scene by creating a dialog with LA Art Collectors in their newest panel discussion ‘Starting An Art Collection.’ LAB ART is thrilled to bring a new conversation to the LA art scene where LA Art Collectors sit down to discuss what makes Street Art desirable to them and how they each got started collecting. 
Representing the Art Collectors is well-known art collector Ivan Illan who not only serves on the Drawings Acquisitions Committee of MOCA L.A., but is a MOCA Partner donor as well. Ivan will be sharing what it takes to establish an collection like MOCA and what he looks for in Art. Jay Luchs, as an Executive Vice President at Fortune 500 CBRE Group based out of Los Angeles, will be speaking on the panel about what makes Art truly an attractive and stable investment.
Rounding out the panel is Ken Siman, Publisher of the book ‘XCIA’s Street Art Project’  which Juxtapoz calls “The greatest visual tribute to perceived criminal mischief there is to date.” 
“After a pub crawl through Chelsea galleries, I saw Army of One/jc2’s “Bomb Boy” and got the feeling of elation you get when you see a piece of art you love. The next day, I contacted my friend Hank O’Neal, a photographer – formerly CIA, who had  been taking pictures of street art since the 1970s. XCIA’s Street Art Project had begun,” says Ken Siman, Publisher, on his first Street Art experience.
Starting @ 6PM till 8PM ‘LAB ART Presents STARTING AN ART COLLECTION’ A Conversation With Art Collectors will feature the following talking points:
~ How To Begin : How each one of the panelists got started collecting art.
~ Catching The Eye : What draws the individual to art 

~ Advice To Get Started : What advice the panelists have for new art collectors trying to start a new collection.

~ Art Investment : Why Art is an attractive and stable investment in today’s market place.

Can’t make it?

Check out the live stream here: http://www.ustream.tv/embed/10277464

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