Hi, I’m Evo

The Navarro Residence is proud to present itʼs fourth exhibition featuring the work of Evo Soria, Jr. This event continues the run of hugely successful exhibitions featuring both up & coming and established artists from around the country as curated by the unique and disciplined eye of curator Jessica Navarro. Evo, one of Ms. Navarroʼs most collected and favored artists, has created a raw collection, full of poignent culutral commentary, to show on this highly anticipated one night only event.

Evo Soria. Jr, currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. A graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, he has shown throughout his hometown, but his solo exhibition at The Navarro Residence marks his first time exhibiting in Los Angeles. Evoʼs emotionally charged and inquisitive work is born from what the artist refers to as his continual “hunting for some sort of truth.”

Embracing the world around him and questioning its meaning and relevance is a continual point of inspiration for the artist. Evo states, “Iʼm just trying to decipher all the information flying at me like anyone else. Making my own meaning out of what surrounds me.” However, unlike many other artists, Evo wants his viewer to decipher his or her own meaning from the work, and hopefully derive that meaning simply through emotion, “Donʼt think. Donʼt try to solve it. Just look and let yourself feel.”

Jessica Navarro, curator and collector of The Navarro Residence, is excited to introduce one of her most collected and revered artists to Los Angeles. The venue, a residential setting which houses the extensive collection of Ms. Navarro, was designed to be a unique venue that promotes an atmosphere of both education and of experimentation with art collection. The space offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience “living with art.” Designed to spark interest in new collectors as well as introduce experienced buyers to up & coming artists, Ms. Navarro comments, “I want to share the most inspiring pieces of art I have been fortunate enough to purchase over the past few years, to provide a platform for artists to share their souls with fellow artists, collectors, fans and hopefully provide a unique experience for the art community from new collectors to old school hippies.” The Navarro Residence welcomes artists, enthusiasts and collectors alike to come home, celebrate art, and be free.


More information available here: http://thenavarroresidence.com

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