Long Beach Skate: Art Show

———————-Press Release———————-

This event kicks off the beginning of our recurring art show series that we are presenting at our skateboard shop.  Eleven artists will showcase their work in a mixed media platform.  This show will focus on all artists but is going to be centered on the art of legendary professional skateboarder Duane Peters.  People from all around Southern California will join in this art show with proceeds to be donated to a local non-profit group “Autism in Long Beach”.

All of the artists are presenting their style on skateboard decks.  There will also be a mix of art on other media as well, to include canvas, photography, and more.  Long Beach Skate has recently expanded to a larger store with ample space to display the art in a proper art gallery layout.  There is an innate connection between skateboard and art cultures, and our goal is to unify these worlds in a unique way.

Our featured artist for this show is skateboard legend Duane Peters.  Duane has been a professional skateboarder since the late 1970’s, and is well known for his skate fast, live hard lifestyle.  As a Long Beach resident, Duane can be spotted frequently around town.  He will be showing off his artistic style at this show, and it will be very fitting to his punk rock ethos.

The other artists presenting have array of style to include: street art, comic book art, tattoo style art, & character art.  These artists have been a part of many other galleries throughout the country, from Chicago, Seattle, and Atlanta. We are lucky to have them all showcases their talents at our show.  Artists include: Help Desk, Saint, Rhett Johnson, Jason Agan, Bishop, Tani Person, Jay, Francis, Ian Bork, & Tyler Thys.

We have worked with the local non-profit “Autism in Long Beach” in many different ways. As a local skateboard shop in Long Beach it is our honor and privilege to give back to our community. Being that April is autism awareness month, we believe it is important to raise money for this great cause.

Autism in Long Beach is a grassroots community based California Non Profit pending 501(c)3 status. It was founded in 2010 by a single parent of four, Jane Tipton, when her youngest son Tafari was diagnosed with Autism. After attending different functions, researching different therapies, hearing many conflicting opinions, and seeing lack of direct help to families Jane decided to go into her community and raise Awareness and Inclusion. Her group Autism in Long Beach now hosts free local events for families on the spectrum, workshops, and Sibling Inclusion. Her biggest event is their annual Bully Free Zone Picnic. They invite the typical community to interact with the special needs community. Local Skaters along with ASK Long Beach, LB Skate, and Skatedogs host a Skate Clinic for the Autistic Families. Partial proceeds from the art show will go towards funding the picnic. Autism in Long Beach’s website is autisminlongbeach.org.

Long Beach Skate shop is much more than a skateboard retail store.  We pride ourselves in our active role in the community and being a cultural hot spot since we opened two years ago.  We strive to create a positive environment where we can share with others about skateboarding, music, and art culture. Long Beach Skate’s strives to supply durable and lasting goods to individual skaters. We are not about mass-marketing, rather we are about excellence and timeless designs for the local core skater.

We also are going to have DJ RETRO SLAM bringing the music for the night in an all-vinyl set.  He brings an eclectic fusion of international and local sounds in his music.

The art will be sold from $50 and up.  We want to sell the art in a way that you can get an awesome art piece without having to break the bank.  A portion of proceeds from all art sold will be donated to “Autism in Long Beach.”

For more information on Long Beach Skate click on our Facebook at www.facebook.com/lbskate.


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