The Navarro Residence presents Cristian “SMEAR” Gheorghiu

The Navarro Residence is proud to present its inaugural exhibition featuring a curated collection
of works from the past and present by Los Angeles based artist Cristian “SMEAR” Gheorghiu.
This first event, in conjunction with NELAart Org and The Site UnScene, is designed to set a
tone for a new series of events curated by collector Jessica Navarro, owner and founder of The
Navarro Residence, and will run monthly with the NELAart Walk.

The recently launched Navarro Residence, a residential setting which houses the extensive
collection of Navarro, was created to be a unique venue that promotes an atmosphere of both
education and of experimentation with art collection. The space offers a unique opportunity for
guests to experience “living with art.” Designed to spark interest in new collectors as well as
introduce experienced buyers to emerging artists, Navarro comments, “Over the past few years,
Iʼve been so fortunate as to have acquired many inspiring pieces of art from all over the world,
and I want to share my personal collection, as well as exhibit new works, with the hope of
providing a platform for artists to share the essence of their imaginations in an intimate and
unique setting that will appeal to anyone in the art community.” The Navarro Residence
welcomes artists, enthusiasts and collectors alike to come home and celebrate art.

The inaugural exhibition of the Navarro Residence will feature the work of Cristian Gheorghiu,
aka SMEAR. His visceral, highly personal style of painting emulates the messy workings of the
total-information age, layering forms and images with powerful brush strokes and frenzied lines,
all coupled with brilliant color. His work oftentimes incorporates rags and tatters of cloth,
reproductions, fragments of comic strips, and other collage elements of waste and discarded
materials to convey maps of the mental states he is exploring in himself and within his audience.

The collection of works curated by Navarro from Gheorghiuʼs career reflect her attraction to
work depicting the rawness of the artistʼs emotion during creation, work that tells the story of the
artistʼs weanesses and of their greatness. Navarro comments, it’s “pieces that speak the truth.”

Recent works as well as older works from Gheorghiuʼs coveted catalogue will be on display
and available for purchase, several for the first time since their inception for Gheorghiuʼs
Ventura Museum retrospective.

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