One thought on “All I’ve ever needed.

  1. Morley is an absolute genius. The sayings he paints, God, they are bright enough to have a life of their own! And in the sayings are epiphanies, endless in their thought provocation. It’s as if Morley is some brilliant visionary that has every answer to life’s questions, and every answer is peaceful and sweet. Bittersweet, heartbreaking. Heartbreakingly gorgeous! The depth is bottomless, and the meaning, simple yet puzzling in it’s simplicity enough to make me wonder, “why didn’t I ever think of that”? What I do think is Morley is a gift from God, and he is doing God’s work, some of it at least. I am truly inspired, impressed, felt naked to the bare marrow of my being, left to wonder, born to suffer, made to undress in the wilderness. My soul is what Morley touches, leaving fingerprints that will forever paint inside of me, to blossom flowering with life while outside, life wilts once beaming all around me. This discovery of a truly gifted artist with a golden glow, and a golden soul is a wonderful present that I adore, for now and evermore. And when I look back on my own life, I hope to see a shimmery veil of that golden glow to wrap tightly around my shoulders when cold, then colder and eventually freezing into soil-then I will know pure and unaffected joy!
    Thank you Morley, and may God bless your Beautiful Soul. Keep creating love and the possibility of it’s growth is destined to grow, bearing fruit that shines, while keeping in place the withering vine of hate. And may the withering vine wither and shrivel and smaller to tiny untill it’s blackened mass is no more than an ink dot. A benday dot on paper to burn the ashes will seperate into dots of specs of almost nothing and then their gone, nowhere. Nowhere but right here where there is whats left, love more sweet than God even thought possible. God bless you Morley, and God bless us all.
    -Lisa Fiorentino

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