Destroy All Design & Septerhed Downtown Los Angeles Takeover.

When buttoned up bankers, corporate fat cats and the nouveau riche have called it a day in downtown Los Angeles, the city becomes a ghost town.

After 6pm, you will see the broken, lost and insane stagger through the streets. At any given moment, you can hear the tirades of crack fiends on any street corner and, frequently, LAPD patrol cars circle the streets looking for their next prey.

Welcome to the the underbelly of LA. Welcome to Destroy All Design and Septerhed’s playground…where your spotlight is provided by the ghetto bird.

Both artists installed several politically and emotionally charged pieces on 5th and Broadway . With Septerhed’s feral dogs of war and Destroy’s control based imagery, what you are witness to is Orwellian storytelling.


Jabbing the 1%ers, Destroy’s Capitalist pig proclaims a line from Animal Farm “….but some animals are more equal than others”. Perverting the mantra of “a cop on every street corner”, his 1% Swat officer is a commentary on enforcing America’s cold regime.

Following suit, Septerhed’s dogs represent the underlying primal urges of man . The words “Four legs good, two legs bad” come to mind in these canine pieces. Simultaneously, he showcases how we are still beasts deep down inside.

It’s 30 minutes past midnight, five LAPD cop cars, three pestering crack heads, and two empty buckets later…..they call it a wrap.

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