Q&A “Legal Walls”

LAB ART, the largest art gallery in North America dedicated to Street Art, opens up a new era in the Los Angeles art scene by creating a dialog between LA City Officials and Street Artists with their new panel discussion ‘Q&A – LEGAL WALLS.’ LAB ART is thrilled to bring a new conversation to the LA art scene where LA City Officials sit down with Street Artists and discuss how the policies they created really affect the Artist.

Representing the City of Los Angeles is ‘Tanner the Planner’ the well known Los Angeles city planning official who is cited by LA Weekly as single-handedly raising the issue of the 2007 controversial public mural moratorium and helping to rewrite the Mural Policy to lift the moratorium. Showing the support of the Los Angeles City Counsel for public art will be Council Member John Darnell of District 5.

Lydiaemily, Activist & Street Artist who was arrested by the LAPD and made an example of by the District Attorney for practicing her craft on the streets of LA, now gets a chance to create a practical dialog with the City that arrested her. Not something to miss.

“Our society seems to have a difficult time accepting responsibility, and as a guy who paints on walls I guess that means that I do as well. As our attention span shortens from our sugar high, democracy has been replaced by capitalism. Rome is falling again. Hold on. Meanwhile let’s play in the streets and have a good laugh.” – DOC

Exclusive Street Artist DESIRE OBTAIN CHERISH (DOC) will be rounding out the panel as an artist who straddles both the urban world of street art and the high concept world of advertising as a graduate of Parsons. He recently contributed to the international Street Art scene by taking part in the Madrid Street Advertising Takeover (MaSAT) in Spain.

Starting @ 7PM till 9PM ‘LAB Art Presents Q&A – LEGAL WALLS, a A CONVERSATION BETWEEN STREET ARTIST AND LA CITY OFFICIALS’ will feature the following talking points.

– The Question of Materials : Who creates the official guide for muralists?

– Subject Matter : Who sets the ‘acceptable standards’ for independent walls?

– Existing ‘illegal’ Murals : How does the new policy effect existing murals? Will there be a ‘grandfather’ clause?

– Sponsor Art : What are the guidelines to distinguish ad from art? Where does sponsored art fall?

‘Tanner the Planner’ will be starting the night off with a quick presentation covering the following –

  • new murals have been banned in LA since 2002 due to an attack on LA’s public art exemption by the outdoor advertising industry.
  • In October 2011, the City Council voted to advance a “time/place/manner” administrative permit for murals;
  • City planner Tanner Blackman has the responsibility of drafting new mural regulations, workshopping the proposals with the public, and guiding the new ordinance through the legislative process.

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.labartgallery.com/

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