The Site UnScene Gallery and Artist Gym

As of January 1st, 2012, TSUS* has taken the next step in ʻhelping make art happenʼ by
opening their Headquarters. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, this warehouse
style gallery is designed for private art viewings and invite-only art, film, and music events. The
space also houses the unique concept of an Artistʼs Gym, where artists are invited to come
work-out their artistic concepts and ideas.

Staying true to their form of doing things differently in the art world, the TSUS* Headquarters
gallery is both exclusive and inclusive. Viewings are available by appointment only, yet the
atmosphere of the appointment is welcoming and encouraging not only to seasoned collectors,
but also to the young street art fans. Whether you are there to buy an expensive work of art or
just a sticker pack, you are treated the same. It is the only space in LA that incorporates the
lifestyle of the street art world into everything it does. The inspiration to create, learn and join
the community is contagious.

If you are looking to acquire your first work of art or are adding to a larger collection, TSUS* can
assist you. The companyʼs founders, JB Jones and Wil Atkinson, will walk you through not only
the importance of each pieceʼs visual aesthetics, but itʼs history, the artists intentions and stories
of itʼs creation, complete with introductions to the artists should you be interested. This is
experiencing a lifestyle with expert tour guides.

TSUS* houses art from itʼs 10 resident artists, selected other members of the street art
community, and has access to work by most of your favorite artists should you have a specific
request. The artists they represent span the genre of what is considered a street artist, some
live and die by getting their work on the street, and for others the street is simply another canvas
in their overall vision. As you walk the space and discuss each artist, it becomes clear JB and
Wil have made TSUS* their art piece, carefully selecting each artist based on their own love of
his or her work and a genuine interest in their success.

Adjacent to the Headquarterʼs gallery space, TSUS* has created an Artistʼs Gym where artists
can come work and create or have a session on the skateramp. Open 24 hours, the space is
available to TSUS* artists and friends by appointment and is funded off sales from the ʻpublic art
spaceʼ installation walls upon which the artists put up work. You can tell it is important to JB &
Wil that the artists donʼt lose their sense of street and donʼt lose what sets them apart in the art
world, “Galleries are always calling, but staying true to who you are is just as important as
making money.”

In addition to helping you find the perfect piece for your collection, TSUS* offers art consultation
services, event curation of fine art and live installations, and even hanging within your home.
Inquire for more information.

For more information contact:
JB Jones:

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