1st Annual Win Sh*t Contest!

1st Annual WIN SH*T Contest

….The Holiday Sticker Edition
Brought to you by The Site UnScene & Colors in Los Angeles.

**Here’e the deal:

The Site UnScene decorated their Christmas tree with stickers. Stickers they collected all year long.

Stickers included: Destroy All Design, Kophns One, Eine, Zombie, XVALA, KH No. 7, HOMO RIOT, Eddie Colla, CYRCLE, Mar, Obey, Hesher Park, Insurgency Inc, Evel Dean, Mac DK, Abdul Malik, Leba, 2wenty, Gregory Siff, Socko, Minerocks, Earl, D Young V, Freedom TM, S.O.Terik, Help Desk, Blinky One, Reti, 455er, Calli Killa, I Forgot, Gune Monster, Surrender, 86 crew, The $tatus Faction, Paroh, Herbert Hippo, Pornography & Taxidermy, Lucky Bunny, Grow Your Own Media, Maharo, Billy One, Warholian and MANY more.

We will also be adding clothing, prints and more to the winning prize from now through Jan 2nd.

YOU can win all of it.

YOU can also submit your own to be added to the tree.


Join the CILA & TSUS mailing lists here:

just Enter WIN SH*T in the message line.

or follow

@colorsinLA or @thesiteunscene

on Instagram and comment with WIN SH*T on any of our posts from now through Jan 2nd.

**To submit stickers to be included in the giveaway, email info@thesiteunscene.com for information.

Thank you and go decorate your city with some stickers, it’s the holidays after all.


Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info.:

Follow Colors In LA  and The Site Unscene on Facebook for updates.

If your stickers are included in the prize, it is because we traded stickers with you or received your stickers via trade from someone else…if you want your name off the list, just email info@thesiteunscene.com. 

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